Reason to Choose Corrugated Gaskets as a Replacement for Spiral Wound Gaskets

Reason to Choose Corrugated Gaskets as a Replacement for Spiral Wound Gaskets

Corrugated gaskets are a great alternative for spiral wound gaskets. Spiral wound gaskets are seals made by coiling strips of gasket material into rings and placing them between flanges. Spiral wound gasket manufacturers in India provide these sealants to industries such as food processing, power, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, ship building, and so on.
So, why use a corrugated gasket instead of a spiral wound gasket. Let’s find out.


  • Structure

A spiral wound gasket generally has an inner ring or centering ring, and a filler material that’s made of PTFE or graphite. The inner ring provides sturdiness and the outer ring’s role is to centre the gasket between the flanges. Spiral wound gaskets are used in high pressure environments with extreme operating conditions. High performance spiral wound gasket models can handle pressure as much as 320 bar.

The structure of a corrugated gasket consists of a metal core that’s corrugated and sealing elements for extreme environments. These are made of corrugated stainless steel ring and come with a soft material layer like PTFE or graphite on both sides. The gaskets can take a load of 160 bar pressure.

As per the application, corrugated gaskets can be manufactured in different shapes such as round, rectangular, elliptic/oval, or custom shapes. Generally, heat exchangers require gaskets with a customized structure. To suit such requirements; tailor-made corrugated gaskets can be designed by corrugated gasket manufacturers as required.

  • Performance

Compared to traditional gasket designs, corrugated gaskets provide better saleability. These gaskets are ideal for older plants and equipment. Get improved resistance to radial shear and thermal cycling with corrugated gaskets. Also, corrugated gaskets function effectively at low seating stress levels.

Spiral wound gaskets with graphite fillers can withstand temperatures as low as -200 degree Celsius or temperatures as high as 550 degree Celsius. Similarly, corrugated gaskets can resist temperatures as low as -200 degree Celsius and temperatures as high as +450 degree Celsius. Corrugated gaskets with a mica layer can be used in operating environments with temperatures greater than or equal to 550 degree Celsius.

  • Applications

Corrugated gaskets are perfect for challenging environments handling contents such as gas, oils, chemicals, acids, etc. You can get excellent resilience and recovery with this type of gasket. Also, reputed corrugated gasket manufacturers build superior-quality gaskets to ensure greater level of tightness and low relaxation for better stability and handling.

You can find spiral wound gaskets in environments with heat exchangers, pumps, valves, boilers, manhole covers, compressors, etc.Corrugated gaskets are an excellent choice for demanding environments involving valves, steam, pressure vessels, gas, and heat exchanger applications. In addition, these gaskets can deliver high performance in pipelines, nuclear power stations and conventional power plants.

What makes corrugated gaskets a better alternative for spiral wound gaskets?

  • Corrugated gaskets perform well in lower surface pressure compared to spiral wound gaskets.
  • Corrugated gaskets work effectively when used with standard flanges. Also, these gaskets are suitable for flanges that have imperfections.Corrugated gaskets are designed to work efficiently with uneven flange surface and do not require the flange to be specifically designed.
  • In comparison with spiral wound gasket, corrugated gaskets have an inner eyelet design to ensure that no media contamination takes place.

Does your end application need a sealant that resists harsh operating conditions such as thermal cycling, extreme temperature, and corrosive chemical? You can explore gasket models that comply with VDI 2290 and TA Luft in the product catalog of reputed corrugated gasket manufacturers in India such as Sealmax. To find the perfect corrugated gasket, talk to the experts at Sealmax, call +91 8983059377, +91 8983059366

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