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PTFE Gasket & Sheets | 3MTM DyneonTM TFMTM

WS 7110 | WS 7115 | WS 7221


PTFE Gasket-IDT sheets are made from high quality 3MTM DyneonTM TFMTM. The basic characteristics of PTFE [polytetra¬fluoroethylene] are based on the special molecular structure of the fluorine and carbon atoms; both chains have an extremely strong bond. The carbon network is hermetically sealed by the fluorine atoms which makes a chemical attack extremely hard and the PTFE therefore becomes resistant to chemicals and solid.

The pharmaceutical-chemical industry requires low per¬meation for sealing applications, high chemical resistance, solid mechanical resilience and easier processability. Only few materials, mostly on fluoropolymer basis, combine these advantages. TFMTM, a PTFE of the second generation, has proven itself. TFMTM distinguishes itself from classic PTFE by the additionally applied modifier. The particles melt more easily into a dense, low pore poly mer structure due to the achieved, more homogeneous crystalline structure; as a result the tightness is significantly improved. A further disadvantage of classic first generation PTFE is that it flows under load [cold flow] and resulting in a loss of surface pressure in clamped condition. This negative characteristic has been significantly improved with the development and gasket technology application of TFMTM and the cold flow behaviour has been optimised. An additional modification can be achieved in a finishing process by mixing in filler or aggregates. During recent years, the use of the modified compound TFMTM 4105 with 25% glass fiber content has stood the test in the gasket technology practice. Semi-finished products and sheets as the source material for non-metallic PTFE gaskets are produced in a press-sinter process.


  • Very good media resistance with the exception of liquid alkali metals and some flourine compounds
  • Fillers in compounds affect the chemical resistance
  • Electrical conductivity for TFMTM 6221 compound with conductive pigment; also FDA-conform
  • Temperature resistant from -200 °C to 260 °C [depending on pressure and load]
  • PTFE is physiologically harmless for continuous operation temperatures up to 260 °C as per BG no. 21
  • FDA-conform and complies with regulations in Europe and Asia for food use
  • TFMTM allows for immediate welding, which is safe and easy using a special technique
  • Low permeability towards gases and liquids
  • Good non-stick characteristics
  • UV- and ageing resistant, no embrittlement
  • Complies with TA Luft 2002 [VDI 2440/2200] leakage requirements
  • Anti-adhesive surface
  • Excellent [di]electric properties
  • Fire class: is not flammable as per UL94


  • Non-metallic PTFE gaskets for pipeline flanges, device and container flanges, pumps and valves
  • Broad range of applications primarily in the chemical and petro – chemical sector
  • Use in the food sector and pharmaceutical production
  • Non-metallic layers for corrugated metal and Kammprofile serrated gaskets as well as insert for spiral wound gaskets
  • Use in oxygen applications depends on the compound [BAM-test report]
  • For designs with inner eyelets, used for increased requirements for cleanliness and blow-out resistance [technical tightness]

Product Range

  • Foils and sheets
  • Non-metallic gaskets
  • Dimensions: as per DIN EN 1514-1 and DIN EN 12560-1 or ASME B 16.21 as well as non-standard sizes, made from:
  • 3MTM DyneonTM TFMTM 1600 [WS 7110]
  • 3MTM DyneonTM TFMTM 4105 [WS 7115]
  • 3MTM DyneonTM TFMTM 6221 [WS 7221]
  • PTFE not modified, white-unfilled [WS 7010]
  • PTFE not modified, with 25% glass fiber content [WS 7015]

Gaskets made from above mentioned materials are also avail­able with inner eyelets and/or outer eyelets.

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Additional Designs

  • TFMTM-envelope gasket with corrugated metal ring WS 7110/1.4571 PW-I
  • TFMTM-envelope gasket with non-metallic insert WS 7110/3822; WS 7110 / 3825; WS 7110 /7550
  • TFMTM-envelope gasket with corrugated metal ring and non-metallic insert WS 7110/1.4571/3822;
    WS 7110 /1.4571/3825; WS 7110 /1.4571/7550
  • Kammprofile serrated gasket with TFMTM-layer WS 1.4571/7110
  • Spiral wound gasket with PTFE-filler WS 1.4541/7010 /1.4541
  • TFMTM-component /turned part WS 7110
  • Plastics: semi-finished products, moulded parts, turned and milled part


Sealmax has now tied up with KWO and IDT Germany for marketing their product range in India