Spiral Wound Gaskets


Description : STYLE – 930 is for applications with High temperature variations (thermal cycling) and/or pressure variations and/or flange rotation problem etc. Spiral wound gaskets have been designed to meet these demanding requirements.
Spiral wound gaskets are made of a preformed metallic strip and a soft filler material (PTFE or Graphite), wound together under pressure, and optionally with an inner and /or outer guide ring. The metal strip holds the filler, resulting in excellent mechanical resistance, compression resilient and recovery.

Adaptable production :
Our production offers extensive possibilities : Special sizes Production as per customer requirement

Material Properties:

Filler Material max. temperature °C(°F)
PTFE 260(500°F)
Graphite 450(842°F)

upto 650°C(1,200°F) with steam and under inert conditions.

Material for Metal strip SS304, SS316, SS316L,SS321

Material for Inner ring
SS304, SS316, SS4316L, SS321

Material for outer ring
Carbon steel with corrosion protection(Cathodic protection)

Different Alloy material on request.

Sealmax has now tied up with KWO and IDT Germany for marketing their product range in India