Graphite Packings

Style 902

Expanded Graphite packing with corrosion inhibitor, has a very low friction, does not damage shaft or stems. High Thermal Conductivity, chemical resistance and high elasticity.

Application  Areas: STYLE-902 Can be used in valves, pumps, mixers and agitators in high pressure, power stations, boiler houses, and in the Chemical Industries.

Precaution: Highly oxidizing agents.

Benefits: STYLE-902 is suitable for a wide rangeof applications & can reduce stock inventories considerably, provide economic alternatives to asbestos packings, reduce maintenance time. Style-902 yeilds more meters per kg. which makes it very economical.

Service Limits

Ratating Reciprocating Static
Pressure 20 bar 95 bar 285 bar
Shaft speed 20m/s
Density 1.0 g/cm3
Temperature -220 +450°C (’+650°C    with Steam) 1000°C inert gas.
PH Range 0-14

Sealmax has now tied up with KWO and IDT Germany for marketing their product range in India