Choosing Custom Gaskets for The Food And Beverage Industry

Choosing Custom Gaskets for The Food And Beverage Industry

Choosing Custom Gaskets for The Food And Beverage Industry

Food and Beverage products are widely consumed in the FMCG and Hospitality industry. Producing food items for the masses requires food processing systems that guarantee the handling of ingredients in an extremely hygienic manner. To ensure food safety, gasket manufacturers provide specialised food-grade gaskets such as silicone rubber gaskets and PTFE envelope gasket.

To choose the right custom gaskets for the food and beverage industry, consider exploring the following areas:

  • Design

There are standard designs of food-grade gaskets available for commonly used food processing systems. Instead of creating a whole new design for a custom gasket, modifications in the design of standard gaskets can be carried out. For newly designed, custom-made food processing machines, custom designs would be required to ensure the right fit and flexibility of the gasket for the desired application.

  • Materials

Sterile materials used for making specialized gaskets ensure that the food quality isn’t hampered during the process of producing food items. The materials used for handling food should be non-toxic and should be able to maintain the food quality in spite of the continuous passage of the food contents.

PTFE envelope gaskets or Teflon gaskets are food-grade gaskets utilised across the world. The properties of PTFE don’t interfere with the food items coming in contact with them at extreme temperatures during food processing. Silicone is another resilient material with impressive temperature resistance and chemical resistance characteristics that make it suitable for use in the food industry.

Silicone rubber gasket is manufactured by food grade silicone gasket manufacturer specifically for the food industry. For customization, multi-layer gaskets with food safe materials can also be explored.

  • Manufacturer

The reputation of the manufacturer matters a lot when it comes to food-grade gaskets. Cheap food grade gaskets may not live up to the quality expectations. But reputed gasket manufacturers will ensure the superior quality as per international industry standards. Additionally, experienced gasket manufacturers will have the solutions to custom-make gaskets as per the precise application requirements of clients.

  • Compliance

PTFE is a widely used material that is FDA-compliant. Using PTFE gaskets helps entrepreneurs in the food products industry to produce export-quality products. Not following compliance can lead to contaminated food products that can shut down the food brand. The food safe gaskets are not only used in the food and beverage industry but also in the pharma industry where edible foods with health benefits are produced for the masses.

Getting the right gaskets that are tested and certified using stringent guidelines by the regulatory authorities prevents the contamination at the process stage. If the food products are contaminated, the products will need to be recalled by its manufacturers which can lead to immense losses. In case, the contaminated food gets consumed, it can lead to food poisoning or even fatalities if severe.

Therefore, the food and beverage industry requires safety approvals, quality assurance, and quality control measures throughout the process.

Ensure food safety for standard as well as unique food processing systems with compliant custom-made, high quality gasket solutions by Sealmax. For food grade PTFE gaskets and silicone rubber gaskets, get in touch with the leading gasket manufacturers Sealmax at

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