How To Choose The Perfect Sigraflex Gasket For Your Needs?

How To Choose The Perfect Sigraflex Gasket For Your Needs?

Sigraflex gasket manufacturers offer numerous models such as Sigraflex Universal gasket, Sigraflex Hochdruck and others. Let’s discuss some of the Sigraflex gasket variants to figure out the right gasket for your needs.

Sigraflex Universal Gaskets

The Sigraflex Universal gaskets are manufactured using flexible graphite foil along with one or two reinforcements. Sigraflex graphite gasket suppliers offer these adhesive-free sealing sheets for applications that require excellent oxidation resistance as well as good mechanical strength.

Gaskets made using Sigraflex Universal sheets are asbestos-free and therefore, do not lead to any health risks. Specialised impregnation makes these Sigraflex gaskets long lasting with antistick properties. These gaskets are commonly used in pipelines and vessel flange designs.

Also, the Sigraflex Universal gaskets are suitable for steam pipelines in heating mechanisms and power generation plants. If you need gaskets for applications in petrochemical, refinery and chemical industries then these gaskets will be able to meet your needs.

Why? Sigraflex Universal gaskets have good chemical resistance and can perform well in temperatures ranging from -250 Degree Celsius to 550 Degree Celsius.

Sigraflex Universal Pro and Select

These sheets are used to manufacture a range of non-metallic gaskets that are waterproofed and have stainless steel reinforcement inserts. The sealing sheets offer high leak-tightness along with high operational reliability and high thermal shock resistance.

The gaskets made using the adhesive-free and asbestos-free Sigraflex Universal Pro sheets can be used in pipelines of power generation plants and in heating equipment. 

Sigraflex Hochdruck

The Hochdruck model of Sigraflex sheets is a multilayer sealing sheet with excellent strength. It is made using natural graphite with reinforcements made of stainless steel. These sheets are utilised for making gaskets that can operate effectively in extreme conditions. It is suitable for operating pressures from vacuum up to 250 bar.

The other applications of Hochdruck include chemical, refinery, nuclear plants and petrochemical industries.

Sigraflex Hochdruck Pro

These sheets are used to make high performance sealing systems that are blow-out resistant and highly gas-tight. Choose the Sigraflex Hochdruck Pro sealing system if you need sealants for mechanically highly stressed sealed joints that are difficult to seal using regular sealants.

The Hockdruck Pro range can be useful for applications such as heat transfer oils, valves, pumps, boilers, pipelines, inspection glasses etc.

Sigraflex MF

The Sigraflex MF range of sealing systems is made using three components with inner as well as an outer eyelet. The design of these gaskets ensures maximum safety with features such as high chemical resistance and good resistance to corrosive media. These gaskets also conform to FDA guidelines and can be used in food processing and pharma industries.

Sigraflex Graphite Sheets are preferred because of their valuable characteristics such as high-pressure stability, excellent adaptability, flexibility etc. These sheets can be used for making gaskets that can stay tight even during a fire hazard.

The Sigraflex range of graphite sheets are flexible, asbestos-free and adhesive-free sealants. If you require gaskets for environments with specific temperature ranges or if you have specific chemical resistance requirements then consult with reliable Sigraflex gasket supplier such as Sealmax.

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