Do You Know the Benefits of Structured Expanded PTFE with Fillers?

Do You Know the Benefits of Structured Expanded PTFE with Fillers

Do You Know the Benefits of Structured Expanded PTFE with Fillers?

What is Expanded PTFE?

100 percent pure PTFE is used to make expanded PTFE. Expanded PTFE is a sealing agent. It has a better creep resistance and cold flow. Hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, and pipelines use it to seal.. Expanded PTFE is microporous and so air-permeable. It is a chemically resistant non-toxic material. The highest temperature it can function at is 260°C. The radial expansion and UV resistance of expanded PTFE are very good. 

What is Filled PTFE?

PTFE is a widely used material, but it has to be altered to enhance its performance for different industrial needs. It can be mixed with other materials that reduce its drawbacks and make it even more productive in specific and very aggressive domains. They strengthen the power of PTFE. Usually, glass fiber, zinc oxide, carbon, bronze, copper, graphite, molybdenum disulfide are used as fillers in PTFE. Different fillers have different properties that are fit for specific applications. With respect to this fact, fillers should be chosen according to the needs of the project.

Benefits of Structured Expanded PTFE with Fillers

  • When silica, glass microspheres, and barium sulfate are used as fillers in structured ePTFE the fibrillation level gets rid of troubles like creep relaxation and cold flow. It can function well up to 260°C temperature and is chemically unreactive against all substances.
  • The fillers add their properties to the already existing properties of structured ePTFE for example increased abrasion resistance.
  • Ceramic fillers improve the dimensional stability of ePTFE.


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Key Takeaways

  • Expanded PTFE is a sealing agent made from 100 percent pure PTFE.
  • The increased fibrillation level of structured expanded PTFE deals with the problem of cold flow and creep relaxation.
  • Different fillers can be used to increase the wear resistance, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, pore size, filter membrane, etc. 

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