Asbestos VS Non – Asbestos Gasket

Asbestos VS Non - Asbestos Gasket

Asbestos VS Non – Asbestos Gasket

Gaskets are essential components utilized as sealants for various industrial purposes. In the gaskets industry, gasket manufacturers who provide an alternative of asbestos gaskets are preferred these days. The reason being the hazardous nature of asbestos. Non-asbestos manufacturers provide non-asbestos gasket sheets with similar strength for fulfilling the gasket specifications for a number of applications.

Why non-asbestos gaskets have been introduced?

Asbestos gaskets have been used in the industry for several years. The raising concerns about health hazards due to asbestos has led to manufacturers looking for alternatives. In the production process, asbestos is a concern only for the people who come in direct contact with the asbestos fibers on a regular basis. Once the asbestos fibers are placed in the gasket then it’s safe to use the gasket.

If exposed, the asbestos fibers get shred into thin thread-like fibers that can be accidentally inhaled mainly by the workers handling asbestos directly. With time, the thin fibers can get accumulated in their lungs and lead to health issues that can get as severe as cancer. The asbestos hazard has been recognized by regulatory authorities as well. Ethical gasket manufacturers, therefore, introduced non-asbestos gaskets for the safety of personnel during production.

Difference between Asbestos and Non-asbestos gaskets

Asbestos fibers are sturdy and can withstand high temperatures. These fibers are thin and long. Non-asbestos gasket manufacturers utilize materials such as graphite, PTFE etc. to be used as reinforcing fibers in gaskets. These fibers come with properties such as heat resistance, chemical resistance, temperature resistance etc. The properties of these fibers ensure that the performance of the gaskets isn’t affected by discontinuing the use of asbestos.

The asbestos gaskets are made of silicate fibers while the non-asbestos gaskets are produced using carbon-based or organic materials. Asbestos gaskets are comparatively cheaper than non-asbestos gaskets. Gasket manufacturers are consistently working with different materials to give their clients innovative and highly-effective non-asbestos gaskets that can be easily customized as required.

Non-asbestos gasket sheets are made using organic fibers, aramid fibers, NBR and mineral fibers. These can be used for application where water or oil resistance is required. Generally, non-asbestos gasket sheets are used in low-pressure apparatus, transformers, and compressors. They are also utilized in valve covers and pans in internal combustion engines where easily deformable components are present.

These days, gasket manufacturers offer non-asbestos gasket sheets that may have certain features of asbestos or are better characteristics than asbestos gaskets. Because carbon or organic materials are the base of non-asbestos gaskets, they are safer to use than asbestos gaskets.

In various parts of the world, asbestos gaskets are still being used if not wholly then in proprietary amounts for manufacturing of gaskets. Gasket manufacturers who understand the potential risks of asbestos are switching to non-asbestos gaskets. Regulatory authorities are also rolling out bans and restrictions on usage of asbestos for manufacturers.

Conscious companies who understand the potential risks of asbestos are innovating new non-asbestos products that can effectively fulfill the market requirements in an ethical manner. Sealmax is a respected name among non-asbestos gasket manufacturers and is a leading manufacturer of high-quality sealants as per international standards. For non-asbestos gaskets, you can contact Sealmax experts at +91 8983059377, +91 8983059366

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