Unifluor Sheets & Gaskets

Unifluor Sheets & Gaskets ǀ PTFE with fillers

Biaxial-oriented ptfe ws 7550 | ws 7551 | ws 7553

UNIFLUOR® gasket sheets are manufactured in a special production process which causes a very strong, biaxial orientation of the PTFE molecules. This results in a significant reduction of the negative creep and setting behaviour which is typical for classic PTFE. The sheets are also homogeneously filled with specific sub¬stances in addition to the optimisation of sealing technological properties and depending on the application area. Primarily, three types of fillers are used in gasket sheets as standard. They can be distinguished from the outside by the different colouring.

Standard fillers are:

  • Glass microspheres, sheet colour code: blue Application: Glass lined pipelines, compressible
  • Silicate/quartz, sheet colour code: brown, Application: Steel/stainless steel pipelines and containers, normal density
  • Barium sulphate, sheet colour code: white, Application: Steel/stainless steel pipelines esp. pharmaceutical and food applications, high density


  • Very good media resistance with the exception of liquid alkali metals and some flourine compounds
  • Fillers in compounds affect the chemical resistance
  • Temperature resistant from -200 °C to 260 °C [depending on pressure and load]
  • PTFE is physiologically harmless for continuous operation temperatures up to 260 °C as per BG no. 21
  • FDA-conform and complies with regulations in Europe and Asia for food use
  • Anti-adhesive surface
  • Complies with TA Luft 2002 [VDI 2440/2200] leakage requirements
  • UV and ageing resistant, no embrittlement
  • Very good non-stick characteristics
  • Excellent [di]electric properties


  • Non-metallic gaskets for pipeline flanges, device and container flanges, pumps and valves
  • Broad range of applications primarily in the chemical and petro- chemical sector
  • Use in food sector and pharmaceutical production
  • Increased blow-out resistance for designs with inner eyelet
  • Suitable for the use in oxygen applications depending on filler
  • Suitable for the use in EO-PO applications depending on filler

Product Range
Technical delivery conditions as per DIN 28091

  • Dimensions: 1500 x 1500 mm [standard format]
  • Available thicknesses: 0.75 ;1.0; 1.5; 2.0; 3.0 mm
  • Dimensions: as per DIN EN 1514-1 and DIN EN 12560-1 or ASME B 16.21 as well as non-standard sizes, made from:
    • UNIFLUOR® WS 7550 [blue]
    • UNIFLUOR® WS 7551 [brown]
    • UNIFLUOR® WS 7553 [white]

Additionally: IDT Profile Overview I FD Series
Seals made from above mentioned PTFE materials are also available with inner eyelets and/or outer eyelets.

Additional Designs

  • TFMTM-envelope gasket with non-metallic insert made from UNIFLUOR® WS 7550 and/or corrugated metal ring for food and pharmaceutical applications
  • UNIFLUOR® ePTFE CellFlon® tape WS 7501 [blue] and WS 7534 [white]

Unifluor Sheets & Gaskets datasheet

Sealmax has now tied up with KWO and IDT Germany for marketing their product range in India