Blow-out Resistant Gasket


Blow-out resistant gasket with optimised inner eyelet.
Item No: WS 3133 IB
The basis for the gasket is the established gasket material AFM 3L-I® by REINZ. This design is equipped with a novel innova¬tive coating [CO] to optimize surface fit and is manufactured in a combination of a metallic surround [ME] made from 0.10 mm thick stainless steel 1,L1571 and a special flanging process. As a result the blow-out resistant non-metallic gasket made from AFM 3y CO ME® is characterized with a significantly improved micro fit and leakage rate, offers maximum gas tightness even at low surface pressure and complies therefore to even the highest, legal requirements. Guidelines such as the VDI 2290 require for TA Luft relevant media stricter leakage rates which cannot be achieved with standard hemmed gaskets. Therefore, our AFM 3y CO ME® is the ideal gasket to adhere to the emission limit values in the system “flange-gasket-bolt” also in consi¬deration of the tightness class as per VDI 2290 based on TA Luft.


  • Use of the established gasket material AFM 3L-I
  • Highest gas tightness even at low surface pressure
  • Ideal conditions when calculating flange connections as per DIN EN 1591-1 to adhere to tightness class as per VDI 2290
  • Low force absorption of the inner eyelet [optimised surface pressure distribution]
  • Blow-out resistant even in the event of extreme pressure surges
  • High chemical resistance [resistance chart available upon request]
  • Temperature range from -50°C up to approx. 150°C [200°C possible upon prior consultation]
  • Complies with TA Luft 2002 [VDI 2L1L-10/2200] leakage requirements
  • Scratch resistant, strudy surface, easy to handle


  • Non-metallic gaskets for flanges
  • Used in the chemical and petrochemical sector
  • Used in the natural gas sector to secure higher liquid and gas pressures
  • Used if there are increased requirements for blow-out resistance [technical tightness] as per e.g. TRBS 2152 T.2

Product Range
Technical delivery conditions as per DIN 28091

Non-metallic gaskets

  • Dimensions: as per DIN EN 151L-1-1 and DIN EN 12560-1 or ASME B 16.21
  • Non-standard dimensions

Additionally: IDT Profile Overview I FD Series

Blow-out Resistant Gasket details

Sealmax has now tied up with KWO and IDT Germany for marketing their product range in India