What Is The Industrial Purpose of Kammprofile Gaskets


What Is The Industrial Purpose of Kammprofile Gaskets

Gaskets are available in a variety of forms and materials in the market today. Kammprofile gaskets are composite gaskets widely used in industries where pressure and temperature are crucial. Let’s take a look at the industrial purpose of kammprofile gaskets across industries.

Gasket manufacturers provide diverse standard as well as customized gaskets as per the application. The gasket specifications such as pressure, flange type, operating temperature etc. are considered based on the environment and the mechanism of the gasket application. For example, in the oil and gas industries, metal gaskets are used for high-pressure applications.

What is a Kammprofile gasket?

Kammprofile gaskets (also called as Kamprofile gasket or Camprofile gasket or Grooved gasket) are gaskets that come with a metal core bonded with a soft filler material on both sides. After installation of the Kammprofile gasket, the soft non-metallic filler gets pushed into the metal core serrated grooves.

To protect the flange from getting damaged during operations, gasket manufacturers cover kammprofile gaskets with a suitable sealing material. Graphite or PTFE are generally used as the non-metallic filler in these composite gaskets. These gaskets may be slightly expensive than other gasket types. However, they are cost-effective when it comes to delivering value.

As per the requirement, gasket manufacturers offer the Kammprofile gaskets with or without a ring. Also, compared to spiral-wound gaskets, kammprofile gaskets offer better sealability when it comes to surface defects in the operating environment.

So, which industries use gaskets? Industries such as petrochemicals, refineries, oil and gas, fertilizers, mining, pipelines, water treatments, chemicals, etc. use gaskets. And what is the primary purpose of gaskets in these industries? Gaskets are engineered for these industries to support new installations and to replace components during maintenance. High-quality gaskets that are made with precision generally last longer and require low maintenance.

Grooved gaskets or Kammprofile gaskets are utilized for industrial applications because-

  • They can withstand high pressure.
  • These gaskets are effective in high-temperature environments.
  • The design of Kammprofile gaskets provides excellent flexibility and recovery.
  • The Kammprofile gaskets are suitable for highly-corrosive fluid joints.
  • These gaskets come with an impressive load bearing capability.

Kammprofile Gasket Applications across industries

Gasket manufacturers offer kammprofile gaskets in various shapes and sizes. These gaskets can be custom designed as per the desired application. Because of the tightness and optimum performance offered by grooved gaskets, these are used as critical components in industries such as oil and gas, power plants and nuclear installations.

In the petrochemical and chemical industries, kammprofile gaskets are effectively used for challenging applications like environments with superheated steam or high-pressure hydrocarbon. These sealants are also used in pipelines and heat exchangers.

In power plants, kammprofile gaskets are used with manhole covers for pressurizers or steam generators. Here, they are also utilized as valve cap gaskets and heat exchanger gaskets.

Kammprofile gaskets are composite gaskets and effective sealants providing safety under severe conditions. For industrial applications, gasket manufacturers produce standard as well as custom-made models as required.

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