What is PTFE Packing And Its Industrial Application?

What is PTFE Packing And Its Industrial Application?

In industrial applications, every mechanical component has a purpose. And PTFE packing is a sealant used for industrial applications that need the performance and non-contaminating properties of the highly effective PTFE material.

So, what exactly is a PTFE packing?

In simple terms, packing materials made of PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene are known as PTFE packings. These are sealants offering mechanical compression for complex applications across industries. You can find them being used extensively in industrial plants dealing with oxidising media or corrosive chemicals.

Advantages of PTFE Packing

PTFE packing are highly resistant to strong chemicals such as solvents, bases and acids. They can work efficiently for applications with media such as concentrated sulphuric acid, nitric acid, etc.

You can also save on power consumption with the low friction characteristic of the PTFE material. Application of PTFE packing in every industry depends on the specific guidelines for operations set by the industry and the organisation-level best practices.

For example in the food processing industry, the regulations for producing food varies from one country to another. For food products to be considered safe for consumption, not only the ingredients but also the components used in manufacturing the food items have to be approved by authorities such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Industrial application of PTFE packing

PTFE packings are commonly used in petrochemicals, textiles, paper & pulp, chemicals, power plants and other industries. These industries use it while managing media such as mineral oils, solvents, lacquers, corrosive chemicals, etc.

  • Food industry

To prevent reaction or contamination of materials used in the food processing industry, PTFE packings can be utilised in operations.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

Strong oxidisers can be handled in the pharma industry with PTFE packings. For pharma industry applications, PTFE or Teflon material is approved for use as per FDA guidelines.

  • Chemicals

In chemical industries, Teflon or PTFE packings are used for shaft sealing. Based on the mechanism, the packings are also used in different types of valves and pumps. The packings are preferred because they prevent leakage of fluids in high-pressure environments or possible damage due to aggressive chemicals.

Companies that use automated processes to produce end products such as food items, chemical fibres, medicines, cosmetics, etc. also utilise PTFE packings.

Choosing the right PTPE packings

PTFE packings come in variants. Depending on the application, the properties of the packings can be made stronger with lubrication and waterproofing.

Two primary reasons for using high-quality sealants are:

  1. Safety of personnel operating the processes
  2. Safety of consumers who will use the products developed through the processes

To avoid any unfortunate incidents, it is essential for industries to procure packings with the necessary tests and certifications.

BundesanstaltfürMaterialforschung und -prüfung (BAM) certifications are given to PTFE packing that are examined and tested for quality and performance. Trusted manufacturers offer BAM-certified products.

Identify the right style of PTFE packing for your specific industrial applications by consulting with an expert.

Sealmax is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of FDA-approved and BAM-certified sealants for various industrial applications. Their experts can help you to choose the right PTFE packing in the density range of 1.4-1.9 g/cm3 with the necessary lubrication characteristics.

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