What Are The Uses Of PTFE Gasket?

What are the uses of PTFE gasket

What Are The Uses Of PTFE Gasket?

For running industrial operations, there are many components that play an important role. PTFE Gaskets are one of those widely-used components across industries. PTFE or Polytetrafluoroethylene that is commonly known as TEFLON is used as a gasketing material by PTFE gasket manufacturers because of its physical and chemical properties. Modified PTFE gasket sheets are used as sealants for specific purposes too.

Why is PTFE preferred for industrial applications?

PTFE can be identified as a synthetic fluoropolymer that ensures low-friction and provides high corrosion resistance. Other key features of PTFE include high melting temperature, high resilience and high surface wear. All these features make PTFE gasket sheets suitable for various applications. While there are standard gaskets available for common applications, PTFE gasket manufacturers such as Sealmax can engineer these non-metallic gaskets with other materials to enhance the performance of the gasket for specific requirements. In addition, another important benefit of using gaskets made of PTFE is the long product life even after continuous usage. This product benefit minimizes maintenance costs for product owners.

5 Ways to use PTFE gaskets

Below are 5 major uses of PTFE gaskets:

  1. Equipment in Petrochemical industry

PTFE gaskets are used in equipment handling chemicals and petrochemicals because they are resistant to corrosive fluids and extreme temperature extremes. Except for certain alkali metals and fluorine compounds, PTFE demonstrate resistance to most chemicals at various pressures and temperatures. Also, PTFE performs well in applications where the sealant comes in contact with hydraulic fluids.

  • Medical Instruments

PTFE is a material used in pharma and medical equipment industry. You can find them being miniature-sized PTFE sealants in components such as implantables, catheters, etc. PTFE can withstand surface wear and tear that are likely to take place in processes involved in the manufacturing of drugs in pharma companies. Chemical and temperature resistance of PTFE ensures that the industry gets secure sealants for its specialised purposes. Secure seals made using PTFE gasket sheet also prevent contamination of medicines and other mishaps during manufacturing.

  • PTFE in electrical components

PTFE works as a perfect component for electrical components such as transformers, electric motor and various electrical appliances. The ability of PTFE sealants to remain stable in high temperatures and chemical environments ensures high performance in these applications. Corrosion resistance and surface wear are also reasons for using PTFE as sealing materials in electrical applications.

  • Processing plants of food products

PTFE conforms to AMS and FDA standards for usage in the production units of food and medical products. The atomic structure of Teflon is very strong wherein there’s a long chain of carbon atoms and each of these atoms are linked to two fluorine atoms. Therefore, it won’t bond with other items making it an ideal material for food processing plants. Temperature resistance and chemical resistance properties of PTFE gasket ensures that there’s no contamination of foods because of sealant material in the food production equipment.

  • Compressor

Because PTFE gasket sheets can resist high temperatures, they are an excellent choice for usage in compressors.

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