What are the Industrial advantages of Silicone Gasket?

What are the Industrial advantages of Silicone Gasket?

Silicone is a flexible and elastic polymer made from certain types of silicones. It is used in making insulation components and gaskets.

Silicone rubber is preferred due to its rubber-like properties. It can be molded into any shape. Hence, it is easy to make machine components.

The use of silicone is prevalent in all industries, but it is more relevant in the food industry.

It is because food-grade silicone fulfills the food safety standards. Gasket makers offer engineering solutions for industrial units.

Why is silicone suitable for making gaskets?

Silicone rubber gasket serves the unique needs of a food processing unit. Do you want to know the benefits of it? The article explains it.

Silicone is a resilient material. It is widely used in various industries, including food production units.

Due to its qualities such as high resistance to temperature and most chemicals make it an ideal choice.

Also, silicone doesn’t degrade quickly. Therefore, gasket manufacturers can design durable sealing gaskets from it.

Due to its high elasticity and compressibility, it offers excellent sealing.

Silicone is water repellent, as well.

It doesn’t lead to discoloration or foul odor in the food items. It is an ideal food grade material.

Industrial advantages

  • Chemical resistance: In the industrial production processes, there is a possibility of exposure to harsh or abrasive chemicals. Silicone shows excellent resistance against acids, bases, chemicals, oil, water, and solvents. Therefore, silicone rubber gasket maker supplies high-quality gaskets in various industries.
  • Economical: Silicone is a reliable and stable material. It serves for a long time and gives value for money. Once installed, silicone gaskets require less maintenance. The wear is also less compared to other materials. Hence, it reduces production costs.
  • Versatile: Silicone rolls and silicone rubber gasket sheet are available in various thicknesses, from 1 cm to 1500cm. Its hardness ranges between 10 Shore A to 80 Shore A. It can be pigmented to make colored gaskets. It has a broad range of firmness and density.
  • Compression set reliance: It means the silicone returns to its original thickness after experiencing prolonged compressive stress.
  • Flame retardant: Compounded silicone is highly flame resistant. Therefore, silicone gaskets are useful in industries where processes generate excessive heat.
  • It is FDA approved: Silicone gaskets are useful in healthcare instruments, medical diagnostic machines, and food production plants.
  • It is an electrically conductive material: in electronic communication equipment, silicone gasket can provide EMI shielding due to its conductive property.
  • Temperature Resistance: The range of temperature resistance of silicone gasket is -40 degrees Celsius to 230 degrees Celsius. It can be used in a high temperature conditions for many hours. Even after that, there is no change in it.

Due to all these benefits, it is a good investment for long-term use. Silicone rubber gasket manufacturers India supply readymade and bespoke gaskets to various industries.

It is possible to procure high-quality silicone gaskets in brick and mortar shops and online outlets both.

It is essential to give the product specification correctly so that appropriate gaskets can be produced and supplied.

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