What are the Features of Gasket Sheets?

What are the Features of Gasket Sheets?

What are the Features of Gasket Sheets?

Gasket sheet materials are sealants used for applications across chemical plants, refineries, thermal applications, etc. The design, materials and the quality of the gasket material will determine the performance of the gasket. In today’s market, you will find different types of gaskets like graphite gaskets, silicone rubber gaskets, spiral wound gasket, PTFE gasket and others. Let’s take a closer look at the features of some of the high-performance gaskets produced using high-quality non-asbestos gasket sheets.

  • Graphite gaskets

Most of the graphite gasket manufacturers provide a catalogue of graphite gasket sheets and the variant models that are designed for specific uses. So, why is Graphite used in creating gaskets for industrial applications? Graphite is a type of carbon that can provide a gasket sheet surface that causes low friction. It lends excellent durability to gaskets. Also, graphite performs well in extreme environments such as areas with high temperatures or high pressures.

  • PTFE gaskets

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) gaskets are made of PTFE / Teflon material. It is a high-performance gasket engineered for environments demanding high chemical resistance and corrosion resistance. Also, PTFE gaskets are preferred because they last longer and ensure hygienic operating conditions.

  • Silicone rubber gasket

Because of its versatility, silicone is used for making silicone rubber gaskets. Silicone rubber sheets are known for good tensile strength and weathering features. As silicone is a material that’s tasteless and odourless, the gasket sheets are suitable for pharmacy manufacturing and food manufacturing units.

Certified silicone gaskets can be used for food processing mechanisms without the worry of contamination. There are numerous grades of silicone gaskets with varying physical properties to suit different requirements.

  • Spiral wound gaskets

Spiral wound gaskets were designed to cope with the challenging conditions of oil refineries. The gaskets can withstand the extreme conditions of gas, oil, chemical and petrochemical plants and are flexible enough to recover after the impact of the conditions that they have to go through.


Customizing for Innovation

Based on the application, you can choose from pure Graphite sheets or modified graphite sheets with metal insertions. Metal inserts in graphite sheets make it stronger and rigid. Today, the technology and expertise are available to design and custom-engineer components such as gaskets for large-scale projects.

Safety is the primary objective of installing a gasket across industries. Leading gasket sheet manufacturers use high-quality material sand testing methodologies to produce gaskets that adhere to industry-recognized quality and safety standards. Certified gasket sheets are needed for specialty applications such as FDA-certified gaskets for the food industry. In such scenarios, you need gasket sheet manufacturers who will follow manufacturing practices as per the guidelines of relevant regulatory authorities.



The bottom line is you can choose from silicone rubber gasket, spiral wound gasket, PTFE gasket or other gasket types but you need to know what is your precise requirement. Trusted graphite gasket manufacturers can give you the right product as per your needs. However, you need to identify the gasket features that will serve your purpose.

You need to figure out whether you want high chemical resistance, pressure resistance, wear and tear properties, tensile strength or other features. Reputed gasket manufacturers will have the resources and the experience to follow the necessary guidelines and provide the sealants as required by clients.

If you need help with choosing non-asbestos gasket sheets, you can contact the technical experts at Sealmax at admin@sealmax.net or call on Phone:  +91 8983059377+91 8983059377.

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