What are the Benefits and Applications of PTFE with Fillers?

What are the Benefits and Applications of PTFE with Fillers

What are the Benefits and Applications of PTFE with Fillers?


PTFE has many benefits like heat resistance, insulation, chemical resistance, friction, etc. It also has disadvantages like insufficient abrasion resistance and creep resistance. These disadvantages can lead to damaged shaft bearings and load-bearing parts. This problem can be solved by using fillers in the PTFE. PTFE with fillers has modifiable features such as abrasion resistance, creep resistance, thermal conductivity, etc. According to research PTFE with fillers gives about 1000 times stronger abrasion resistance, twice the thermal conductivity, and twice the creep resistance of PTFE with no fillers. The filler of a PTFE should be decided on the basis of the work to be done.

Benefits of PTFE with Fillers

There are different types of fillers used in PTFE like glass microspheres, silicate/quartz, barium sulphate, graphite or carbon, stainless steel, etc. The various benefits of PTFE with fillers are:

  • It can have a temperature resistance of 200℃ to 260℃.
  • PTFE with fillers can provide a good media resistance apart from when used with some fluorine compounds and liquid alkali metals.
  • It can operate continuously up to 260℃ without causing any physiological damage.
  • It conforms to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.
  • It follows the regulations for usage in food in Europe and Asia.
  • It is UV resistant and it does not age.
  • It does not embrittle.
  • It has non-stick properties.
  • It has an anti-adhesive surface.
  • It satisfies the TA-Luft 2002 [VDI 2440/2200] leakage requirements.
  • It has great [di]electric properties.

Applications of PTFE with Fillers

It has a wide range of applications due to its flexible properties. The glass microspheres have blue sheet colour. They are compressible and can be applied in glass-lined pipelines. Silicate/quartz filler has brown sheet colour. It can be used in steel or stainless steel pipelines and containers as it has normal density. Barium sulphate filler has white sheet colour and can be applied for steel or stainless steel pipelines especially for those which are used in the pharmaceutical and food industries as it has a high density. Some other applications are:

  • It can be used with designs having inner eyelets as it has increased blow-out resistance.
  • It has a huge area of application in the chemical and petrochemical sectors.
  • It is also safe to use in pharmaceutical production and food sectors.
  • The non-metallic gaskets can be used in parts like container flanges, device flanges, pipeline flanges, valves, and pumps.
  • It can also be used in oxygen applications but the fillers need to be arranged according to the task.


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Key Takeaways

  • PTFE with fillers is stronger and more reliable than pure PTFE.
  •  It has more abrasion and creep resistance than pure PTFE.
  • It can function continuously at a high temperature without causing any damage.
  • It is suitable for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and petrochemical industries.

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