Use of Food Grade Silicone Gasket

Use of Food Grade Silicone Gasket

Use of Food Grade Silicone Gasket

The food industry is an extremely challenging sector. Every mechanical part used in this industry should also be certified food grade to avoid contamination of foods that are consumed by masses. Silicone gasket manufacturer serve the food industry with food grade silicone gasket for various applications.

Industrial plants managing edible products have to be extra careful. In the consumer-driven markets, products that cause health issues or are found stale/inedible when it reaches the end user can attract a lot of negative attention. It might even result in severe outcomes such as fatalities due to food poisoning, shutting down the plant etc.

Food grade gaskets and other sealants are utilized for various applications in the food industry which consists of dairy, beverage, food processing, food packaging etc. Stringent guidelines are followed in the facilities of the food sector to ensure quality and prevent contamination of consumables.

Why use food grade silicone gaskets?

  • Silicone, also known as polydimethylsiloxane is a hybrid formed using silica and carbon. It is a synthetic form of rubber that is used for making FDA-complaint silicone gaskets as well as other food industry products such as moulds, utensils and trays. Also, an experienced gasket manufacturer in India like Sealmax can offer customized silicone gaskets to satisfy the unique needs of the food industry.
  • In a food processing facility, the mechanism being handled can be boiling hot or extremely cold as per the preparation method of the products. Silicone being a resilient material can function efficiently in hot or cold temperatures as required. Silicone gaskets are quite common in bakeries where cake mixers and dough makers are used.
  • Silicone does not react with the food or other media in a food production line. It is considered a food-safe material that will not lead to harm of the end user. The silicone material won’t react with the product composition and the quality of the products can be maintained.
  • Silicone gasket manufacturers carry out rigorous tests and get the necessary certifications to produce high-quality food grade gaskets. The compliance measures are essential for the health and safety of the people working at the facility and also the final consumers.
  • The durable and flexible nature of silicone makes it easy for gasket manufacturers to provide gaskets that last longer. Being a food grade rubber form, silicone retains its shape even after exposing it to constant temperature or pressure changes.

Some of the key properties of silicone that appeal to the food industry are high compressibility and good resistance to heat, water and chemicals. That’s the reason why silicone is not only utilized as a sealant in the food industry but also in other industries.

Although silicone is non-toxic and used for various purposes, the food grade silicone is specially manufactured by gasket manufacturers for the industries dealing with food and other edible products. Food grade silicone is also utilized extensively in the pharma industry where medicines or products with health benefits are consumed by end users.

Sealmax is a trusted silicone gasket manufacturer & supplier who fabricate customized food-grade gaskets as per client specifications. To learn more, contact Sealmax at +91 8983059377

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