How to Choose Perfect Gasket for Your Needs?

How to Choose Perfect Gasket for Your Needs?

How to Choose Perfect Gasket for Your Needs?

Gaskets are used for a wide number of applications across industries such as pharma, heavy machinery, food processing and so on. And gasket manufacturers are able to deliver a variety of standard and customised designs with the help of cutting-edge technologies available today. Where you plan to use the gasket and for what purpose will give you clarity on the kind of gasket that will serve your purpose.

Here are some tips to choose the perfect gasket for your needs:

  1. Specifications

You need to study the gasket dimensions and the environment in which the gasket will be used to narrow down the basic specifications of the gasket.

Will the gasket be exposed to extreme temperatures or chemicals? Is there a probability of corrosive properties of a substance or fluid affecting the gasket? Can the gasket get damaged due to pressure in the environment? After outlining the details of the future environment, you can start looking for suitable materials for your gasket.

  1. Material

The materials used in manufacturing the gasket are extremely important for ensuring its optimum performance. For example, Kammprofile gasket is ideal for flange connections in extreme operating environments such as pipelines, pumps, containers, etc.

The different types of materials used for making gaskets can be divided into metallic, non-metallic, fibrous and elastomeric materials. For specific applications in the food processing industry, silicone gasket manufacturer produce food-grade silicone gaskets that maintain the quality of the food items.

You can choose from materials such as PTFE, Graphite, rubber, silicone, etc. Multi-layer gaskets are also available for enhancing the features of gaskets. You can customise a standard design with a suitable material to strengthen the gasket properties. For example, envelope gaskets can be designed with metallic rings, non-metallic inserts or both as required. Choosing the right material is also important to make sure that you use a gasket that ensures safe, lasts longer, requires low maintenance and helps you get more value from your investment.

  1. Resistance requirements

Many a time, mishaps occur when people do not pay attention to the resistance features of a gasket before using them.Based on the application, the gasket should have the capability to withstand specific temperatures or chemicals.Experienced gasket manufacturers suggest suitable standard or customised designs of gaskets to achieve the ideal sealability, compression and pressure resistance functionalities.

  1. Testing

Creep Relaxation testing, hot compression test, and other tests are some of the tests to determine the efficiency of gaskets. Reputed rubber gasket manufacturers run the necessary tests and provide clients with certified gaskets as per the client requirements. A multitude of tests will help you determine the perfect gasket for your needs and finally, take an educated decision.

  1. Finding the perfect gasket manufacturer

Gasket manufacturers such as Sealmax bring along the expertise and experience of qualified engineers to suggest the right gasket for their clients. The gaskets can be welded and bent for apparatuses as per the requirements of clients.

Be it standard or customised gaskets, discuss with the design engineers at Sealmax to get the perfect gasket for your needs.

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