Food Grade Silicone, Its Advantages & Uses

Food Grade Silicone, Its Advantages & Uses

Food Grade Silicone, Its Advantages & Uses

Food safety is critical everywhere around the world. Therefore, food products, whether being made for domestic consumers, or for export to international markets, have to follow food safety standards. Using the necessary food grade machine parts is essential or else the manufacturer may even end up losing their food license. Food grade silicone is widely used across the globe for producing quality food products.

The gaskets market offers engineering solutions for industrial units with PTFE envelope gaskets, silicone rubber gaskets, spiral wound gaskets and more. Gasket manufacturers produce specially designed food grade silicone gaskets for the unique needs of the food processing industry.

Advantages of food grade silicone

Silicone, being a resilient material, is widely used in the food industry. Silicone’s resistance to temperature and most chemicals makes it an ideal choice for the food processing industry.

Damaged components can lead to accidents at manufacturing units. Generally, certain machine components are made using silicone. Usage of materials that cause chemical reactions can lead to leakages in a food manufacturing unit. The food contents that pass through a food grade material in a food processing unit will be less likely to get contaminated due to extreme heat or external chemical compounds.

Silicone doesn’t degrade quickly. Therefore, gasket manufacturers are able to design long-lasting silicone rubber gaskets.Also, the durability of high-quality silicone gaskets makes it a good investment for long-term usage.Silicone also displays high elasticity and high compressibility.

The water repellent nature of silicone is extremely beneficial in environments where the application requires the component to be water repellent. Being a food grade material, silicone doesn’t lead to faulty odour, discolouration or other undesired changes in the food products that can make them unfit for consumption.

Uses of food grade silicone

Manufacturers in the food processing and packaging industry use silicone for machine parts such as gaskets that come in contact with food. Silicone being a non-reactive material helps manufacturers in preventing food contamination. Additionally, silicone is used as a lubricant in certain food processing industries to prevent food products from getting affected by toxic substances in the environment.

Silicone rubber gaskets are used in high volume food processing units such as instant foods, biscuits, fruit juices etc. Silicone gaskets can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures and preserve the quality of the food. Food grade silicone gaskets are used for laboratories and medical applications as well. Food grade silicone is also used in liquid form to spray on food items as an effective packaging method and prevent them from contamination.

The properties of silicone comply with the FDA guidelines for food grade elastomers. Other than being compliant with FDA, silicone is a highly effective material that prevents industrial mishaps and ensures the safety of people working on the production floor as well. Customised food grade silicone rubber gaskets are designed by gasket manufacturers as per specification such as grading requirements, dimensions, etc.

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