Envelope Gaskets & their Industrial Purposes

Envelope Gaskets & their Industrial Purposes

Envelope Gaskets & their Industrial Purposes

Gaskets are components successfully lending hassle-free sealing solutions mainly for mild to extremely corrosive environments. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) envelope gaskets provide excellent sealing for flanges, tanks, mechanical industries and more. The materials used in the making of envelope gaskets are extremely important for gasket manufacturers who serve diverse industries.

In case of mechanical components, inappropriate materials tend to interfere with the properties of other materials or components causing problems such as chemical reactions, lower shelf life etc. The selection of gasket materials such as PTFE envelope gasket depends on the environmental factors of the application such as pressure, temperature and corrosiveness. Also, metal rings can be used in gaskets to reinforce the sealing function.

Understanding Envelope Gaskets

Envelope Gaskets are made of elastic materials and carry an inlay for additional strength and flexibility. They are made available by gasket manufacturers for installation with fillers such as non-asbestos, rubber, corrugated metals, graphite etc. PTFE envelope gaskets consist of a PTFE inlay.

Gaskets are available in different materials but for aggressive media, PTFE envelope gaskets are used. The PTFE material gives optimum performance because of its characteristics such as resistance to aggressive chemicals and low friction. Envelope Gaskets with PTFE jackets are widely used because of the excellent properties of PTFE material. Corrugated metal or sheets of rubber can also be used as fillers in envelope gaskets.

PTFE Envelope Gaskets display features such as greater deformability and high creep resistance. They can even withstand temperatures up to +250°C. Several gasket materials are already approved by regulatory authorities for a variety of uses. The FDA has approved PTFE envelope gasket as a food grade material. PTFE is an elastomer that meets the USP Class VI standards as well.

Sealant for numerous industries

Gaskets are reliable sealants ideal for a number of industrial applications. Gaskets are also used with reactor vessels and distillation columns to stay clear of contamination issues. PTFE envelope gaskets are preferred by industries such as chemicals, petrochemicals, etc. mainly because of their high chemical resistance. From a gasket manufacturer in Mumbai, you can also custom-make gaskets for vitrified or enamelled surfaces.

In food processing and pharma industries, envelope gaskets help manufacturers not only to prevent leakages at the manufacturing units but also to ensure that products do not get contaminated. Food grade gaskets are specially designed to avoid these problems and get the necessary approvals for the production plant from authorities.

Pipelines generally carry liquids and gases that are highly flammable. Glass lined piping systems utilize PTFE envelope gaskets to prevent contamination of contents passing through the pipeline. The sturdiness of the tested and certified gaskets acts as an effective sealant ensuring safer passage of the contents.

Some of the envelope gaskets available for industrial purposes are square, slit and machined depending on the environment being considered. Envelope gasket manufacturers employ in-house engineering experts to customise the design and select the material as per the specific needs of their clients.

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